Choosing the main colors of your wedding can be a tricky thing. You want your wedding and all the photos to stand out from everyone else’s, but you also don’t want to do that by going neon or anything too wild – unless that’s what you’re going for! Here are a few simple tips to help you along with the process!

– Start by thinking about the time of year you’ll be getting married. If you have a spring wedding, you don’t want to go with burgundy, those colors go with the fall. You want colors that will highlight the time of year and look beautiful with the natural colors outside. Pastels and light colors are gorgeous in spring, deeper reds and purples and greens look great for fall, summer is a good time to be a little more bold with yellows and golds, and classic blacks and greys and blues look perfect for winter weddings. Just as a few examples!

– It’s not just about your favorite color and incorporating it into your wedding day. What about the location? This can be a major help in deciding what colors to focus on. After picking a venue, look at what colors would go great with that setting. Warehouses and tents make for great blank slates and most colors will look good here.

– Color choosing can also set the mood and the tone of your wedding day. If you want your day to be bold and dramatic, using emeralds and gold and black are a few examples that will work. If you want a calm, cheerful, laid back wedding, go with lighter pastel and garden colors.

Don’t overthink it too much! You don’t have to pick two colors and make every single thing match. Make them more of a guideline to try and stick to, not an exact match.