Bringing along your fuzzy little best friend to your engagement session or photo shoot is more popular than EVER these days! And I am ALL FOR this trend. As a new dog mom, I couldn’t be more supportive. I believe that a dog is just as much your family as a baby is. So please never ever hesitate to let me know if you want to include your pup in our photo sessions in the future! I practically cry of happiness if anyone ever includes them on their wedding day, too. This is much less common, of course, as it requires a lot more planning and help. If you’re looking to have some photos with you and your fur family, here are a few ideas to help make the process just a little less chaotic!

Yes, that’s my sweet little pup and I. She’s about 4 times that size now (at 8 months old), but her first photo shoot was done at 2 months old and I actually succeeded in getting great images of her wild little self. Even off leash! So, I promise, it really is possible! What’s the secret? BRING TREATS or something you know your dog will behave for. Basic commands like “sit” and “stay” while holding a treat above my camera are my usual go-to for the pup to look my way and stop moving.

Another way to make life easier when involving a dog that doesn’t understand what sitting pretty for a picture means? (aka… all of them) Bring a friend! Asking a close friend to join you during your session to help out with the pup is a wonderful idea. They can help behind the camera, getting their attention, and they can even watch the dog when we don’t want them in every photo.

Instead of trying to get your dog to sit and “cheese” for every photo, it’s nice to just play with them like you would at home. It makes them act naturally and results in extreme cuteness.