Rachele and Will were married just over a week ago, at the Annex at the Brooklyn Arts Center in downtown Wilmington, NC. I absolutely loved hearing about their love story, involving these two meeting in Topsail Island where Will bartended, and Rachele moving to North Carolina almost immediately afterwords. It’s true what they say, sometimes you just know. They are a fun, silly, prank-loving couple, which I must say is the best kind of couple to work with. Their wedding was laid back, relaxed, not too huge, and they even had TWO close friends perform songs at their reception. They included some sweet artifacts as well, with Will wearing his late grandfathers wedding ring as his own, and Rachele remembering her grandparents through a locket and part of her grandmother’s wedding dress on her bouquet. With beautiful rose gold and floral details, inside of this beautiful venue in the Brooklyn Arts District, I couldn’t have asked for a better night. Beautiful details, beautiful couple, beautiful weather. It really was a perfect night. Here’s hoping the rest of their life together is just as amazing as their wedding day :)

– Allison

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