Sometimes you get lucky and you move to a new state and you don’t know a single person and you end up making friends with your photography clients. Sometimes you REALLY luck out and they turn into some of your best friends. That’s what happened with Jordan and Bo. These two are so fun and lighthearted and just an absolute blast to be around. Their love story is sweet, their relationship is so calm and trusting and comfortable, and I really believe they were meant to find each other in this crazy world.

We spent the day laughing and singing and, okay, maybe sweating a little. Their wedding was held at the Brooklyn Arts Center in downtown Wilmington, in the big beautiful brick building with the tallest ceilings and the most gorgeous architecture. They decorated it and made it their own space, with sweet pops of summer colors. I really love photographing weddings for your close friends, because it doesn’t feel like I’m working at all. I had strict instructions to put my camera away at one point, and I even remember snapping a few after I was done (because I can’t help it and I’m addicted to my camera) and Jordan yelling at me to go get a drink instead. If that doesn’t make you feel right at home, then I don’t know what does! Thank you to both of you for having me capture these memories for years and years to come, I can’t wait to watch you two grow together.

Life is ever changing but I will always
find a constant and comfort in your love
With your heart my soul is bound
And as we dance I know that heaven can be found

Swept Away – Avett Brothers

Photographers: Allison Eding & Diana Yntema
Venue: Brooklyn Arts Center
Makeup: Beauty Crew