Planning your engagement photos is a relatively stress-free project, unlike the madness of planning your wedding day. The only decisions you really need to make are where, when, and what to wear. So I’ve put together a couple simple ideas to help you choose your photo locations, instead of telling your photographer to choose for you! This can apply to senior photos, family photos, etc.

Pick a place that means something to you!
It’s very easy to pick a location based on convenience. But when you really think about it, you want your photos to be more than just a pretty place. Of course, pretty places are ideal, but they can mean a little more than just foliage. Where did you have your first date? What’s one of your favorite places to go as a couple? As a family? Maybe the spot where he proposed would make a great backdrop, as well. Every photo is unique to you guys, and picking a personal place makes it that much more interesting.

Think of some place quiet.
Cities and beaches, however popular and beautiful, can have a lot of hassle and bustle surrounding them. These are two of my favorite places to photograph, though, so asking your photographers opinion on these matters can be extremely helpful. For example, if you want to do photos downtown, you can pick a time of day (like the morning) that won’t be quite as lively. You can pick a spot that’s just out of the tourist areas, maybe in some surrounding neighborhoods. I did this recently and it was one of my favorite locations in Wilmington, yet.

Pick a style that goes best with your personality.
Which style do you like better? Industrial? Downtown vibes? Beach adventures? Would you rather be one with nature and hidden in the trees? Once you pick which one, then try to figure out which clothing items would looks best with that style.

Turn it into a mini date!
While you’re hanging out downtown doing photos, stop into your favorite bar and grab a colorful drink on the patio. While you’re at the beach frolicking in the sand with a camera following you, bring a blanket and turn it into a picnic. Stop for some ice cream in the summer, get some hot chocolate or steaming coffee in the winter!