I think my favorite thing about working weddings is being able to go to work each weekend and never photographing the same thing twice. I remember when I was in college I was studying film photography and in classes, we’d always have to pick a theme to focus on and do our current project on at the moment. As I got more into my senior level studio classes in photo, I told my professor, “I want to photograph everything. I don’t want to pick one subject, I want to do it all.” His reaction to that, as my most respected teacher I’ve ever had, was something I’ll never forget. He laughed at me and said, okay, Allison, let’s see you do it all! And I did. I ended up winning an award in my juried senior art show with all my fellow classmates, as I hung up over 100 images in one giant collage – while everyone else picked their favorite 5 or 6 to frame. I think that mindset has really stuck with me in my wedding career. I don’t like to do the same thing twice. I like change and different views and different angles and working with different people. Remi and Daniel’s wedding was no exception! One weekend, I’m at the beach, the next weekend, I’m buried in the middle of the country at a completely hand-built reception venue on the family’s property. I’m not kidding when I say that these two and their families built the reception all by themselves! You never really know what to expect when someone tells you they’re planning a backyard wedding on their property, but this did not disappoint! I will always remember this wedding because of how much hard work and heart went into it, and honestly, how much fun their dance floor was. Shout out to the DJs for that one, and the awesome group of people at this wedding! I couldn’t stop myself from joining in half the night! Thanks to Remi and Daniel for the amazing day, I’m so glad I got to be there!

Ceremony: Nobles Chapel Baptist Church

Reception: Sharp Farms

Videography: Heartline Films

Flowers: Kyle and Dana McQueen

Video: Heartline Films

Cake: Cakes by Andrea

Hair: Pattie Blanton

Makeup: Merle Norman

DJ: Impultz Entertainment

Catering: Fat Fella’s 

Officiant: Chase & Brittany Caldwell

Ring: Vaughn Jewelers