Alexis and Ryan had their dream wedding all planned and set to be a destination wedding to Jamaica, but of course, COVID-19 had other plans for the world. So they rolled with the punches and they decided so have an intimate wedding ceremony in Wilmington, NC instead. They decided to keep their original wedding date and just elope down on a dock at Riverlights. They don’t have any family in town so they pulled up Zoom on a laptop and brought it outside with them so they could have their family watching. And they had the best and most relaxing (and beautiful!) wedding out on the Cape Fear River. It was beautiful, it was lighthearted, it was completely perfect. I admire their strength in being able to change their wedding plans last minute and while it wasn’t the wedding they had originally planned for, these two were beaming from ear to ear all day. I’m so happy that they let love win instead of a virus. At least now during quarantine, they get to call each other husband and wife!!

Photographer: Allison Eding, Lightbloom Photography
Venue: Riverlights