It’s a crazy thing to think about, when you’ve been close with two people for so long and watched their relationship grow. I’ve known Clayton and Jordan since our early years in college, at BGSU. I’ve never known them as anything other than one of my favorite couples to be around, and two of the most amazing, passionate, and creative individuals. They have so much heart, and I really think these two will do incredible things with their future. I got the lucky gig of taking their engagement photos, and it’s SO MUCH FUN to get to do this stuff with two of your best friends. We took our time, we went to BG campus to snap some of the place they first met, we went to a gorgeous lookout spot in Waterville with waterfront and sunset views (I won’t talk about the spiders), and we finished up in downtown Toledo with some nighttime images. I can’t wait to be a part of their wedding day, this time as a bridesmaid instead of a photographer :) here are some of my favorites from our adventure!! Congrats, you two.

Clayton+Jordan Web01 Clayton+Jordan Web02 Clayton+Jordan Web03 Clayton+Jordan Web04 Clayton+Jordan Web05 Clayton+Jordan Web06 Clayton+Jordan Web07 Clayton+Jordan Web08 Clayton+Jordan Web09 Clayton+Jordan Web10 Clayton+Jordan Web11 Clayton+Jordan Web12 Clayton+Jordan Web13 Clayton+Jordan Web14 Clayton+Jordan Web15
– Allison