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Megan and Brok are two very kind and genuine people, and on their wedding day, it really showed. Their love for each other was inspiring, and so were their details! They clearly spent a lot of time planning their big day, every small detail was perfect. I think it was one of my favorite cake’s I’ve seen, too. Bridesmaid dresses were long and blush pink, which  paired wonderfully with the classic navy blue suits of the guys. They were surrounded by the support and love of their closest friends and family, and danced the night away and the always beautiful Nazareth Hall. Congratulations to Megan and Brok! You guys deserve it.

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Photographers: Allison Eding & Clayton Frutig
Videographer: Fordham Footage
DJ: Decorative Sound
Venue: Nazareth Hall, outdoor patio and Lady Glen Ballroom