The Plant Outpost is a brand new shop that just opened up in the new Cargo District in downtown Wilmington, NC. This entire area is made up of reconstructed shipping containers, and what a cool concept. It’s located around 16th and Queen Street. There’s a coffee shop (Outpost Coffee), a beer garden (Alcove Beer Garden), a barber shop (Queen Street Barber Shop), a tattoo studio (Queen Street Tattoo), a distillery (EOD Distillery), a clothing store (Half United), there’s co-working spaces (Coworx) and office spaces and studios, and even apartments. Just to name a few of the spaces! They’re currently building the first restaurant in this district, and I hope there will be lots more to come!

Varnish and Vine showed up on Sunday and teamed up with the Plant Outpost for a cactus pop-up shop. I think we can all admit to our crazy plant lady statuses and say that this was such a great idea. The turnout was INCREDIBLE!!! There were multiple kinds of cacti for sale, as well as all the plants in the Plant Outpost. People were able to preorder the cactus they wanted, or show up and pick one that day. I’m happy to say they COMPLETELY SOLD OUT! There were lines down the block, and people stood in the sweltering heat waiting. It was allllll worth it, though. They’re planning another pop-up for the fall – and potentially doing something next time including a food truck or maybe some live music to entertain everyone while they wait and shop! So happy to be able to be a small part of such a cool up and coming area, as well as amazing local businesses. Here are some highlights from the day!