Upon moving to North Carolina, I started getting asked to photograph bridal portraits. This wasn’t something I had ever heard of in Ohio, but I quickly learned that it was quite the southern tradition. While it seems like a lot of work to get your hair and makeup done and squeeze your way into your dress, it actually has a lot of awesome benefits. Not only is it a unique opportunity to get to hang out with your bride and get to know each other more, but it’s also a great idea to do as a test run for your wedding day portraits. You get the chance to see what your photos are going to look like when you’re all dolled up on your big day. I remember one of my brides telling me that it was so helpful for her to have these, because she noticed her makeup felt heavier than she had hoped, so she was able to see how that photographed and then change the look slightly for the wedding. The bridal portraits are a sweet tradition down here, most of the brides choose to do them because their mother had hers done, and their grandmother, etc. It’s so fun to see how each generation differs.

Now here are a few of my favorites, all of which were taken in beautiful downtown Wilmington, my favorite area for these portraits :)

– Allison