This was my very first time traveling to Washington, DC. And I literally couldn’t think of a better reason to go. Jackie and Beecher found me online while they were planning their wedding day, and decided I was the right fit to bring to DC with them for their day! First of all, what a huge compliment that is. Second of all, I’m so glad they did, because they were two of the best people I could have asked to work with. Not only were they kind and sweet and down to earth, but they also designed the most gorgeous wedding that I was literally giddy to photograph. DC itself was stunning, but the Navy Yard where the wedding took place was SO unique. Water views, dogs everywhere, city scapes, cool bridges, I had no shortage of epic locations for photos. And then the venue itself, District Winery, was quite literally a dream. They transformed it with vivid pink flowers and something around 75 disco balls on the ceiling, I was in photo heaven. Grateful for opportunities like this one that let me travel to cool places, and work with the absolute best people. Thank you for having me, Jackie and Beecher, you sure throw one heck of a party! Can’t wait to see what you two do next!

35mm Film Photos

Photographer: Allison Eding, Lightbloom Photography

Venue: District Winery

Florist: East Olivia/DIY

Ceremony Dress: Vow’d

Reception Dress: Cult Gaia

Catering: District Winery

Invitations: DIY

Ring: Quercus Studio

Disco Ball Install: Dan Goldman Events