Wedding in Wilmington North Carolina

We are incredibly lucky to be living in such a beautiful place like Southeastern Coastal North Carolina. We have the beach, we have warm weather a lot longer than so many places up North, and we have the luxury of snagging those fall colors a lot later in the season, making photo season extend later in the year. Fall weddings are some of my personal favorites to capture, and here are a couple reasons why it’s a great idea!

  1. THE COLORS! They are all natural and some of the most beautiful all year round. Imagine having endless deep greens, burgundy, and maybe even some pops of orange and yellow in the background of all your wedding photos.
  2. Temperatures. Living in the South is a life of warmth, most of the time. Taking a little break from the summer heat can be a really wonderful thing. Having an outdoor wedding here in the fall is much easier on the body and mind than having one during a month of all 90 degree weather PLUS 90% humidity. Dripping in sweat all day on your wedding day can be exhausting and really affect your photos.
  3. Your hair! Fall is actually good for your hair! It gets a break from the humidity, finally, and can prove to be a lot healthier. And for those ladies out there who love to color their hair, I know fall is definitely one of the best for fun reds and more natural ashy tones.
  4. Looking for some beach time? It’s going to be WAY LESS PACKED once October hits. Plus, free beach parking, and soooo many less tourists in town to get in your way.
  5. Foooood. Food is very important on a wedding day, a lot of the time that’s one thing that guests remember most. There are some unique fall favorites to choose from and don’t forget the cake flavors – apple spice cake with cinnamon cream cheese topping, pumpkin pie, apple pie, red velvet cake, the possibilities are endless and, of course, delicious. Another fan favorite is ending the night with s’mores around a bonfire!

But a few downfalls to be aware of – fall is an incredibly popular time of year to get married in Wilmington, so don’t forget to book your vendors early. We also struggle with our favorite season – hurricane season – which can make for some complications. Always have an indoor backup plan just in case!