Abby first reached out to me and asked me what I thought about planning her maternity photo session for sunrise at Wrightsville Beach. At first you have the initial shock of, wow, I have to wake up at 5:00 AM for this. But then you realize, oh my gosh what a cool opportunity! Living on the east coast, we don’t get the sun actually setting over our ocean, we get it rising over it! So in order to create the perfect silhouette opportunities, you just have to commit to the early photos! There are so many perks to this though: free parking, unlimited open parking spaces, WAY less crowds of people, and the unique experience of watching the sun rise over the Atlantic. Abby picked out the coolest outfits, brought along her sweet husband, and in my opinion, totally rocked this shoot! Thank you mother nature for being so kind and giving us all the colors of our dreams!