I met Allison and Charlie somewhere around two years ago, while I was still bartending. They came into my bar and were just chatting about planning their upcoming wedding later that year, and they didn’t have a photographer yet! I was so excited to meet them in such a random setting, and then we ended up hitting it off and they hired me for their wedding! They still had one of the most epic weddings ever, with not only the incredible decor and mind-blowing floral chandelier (which Al accurately described as a “flower explosion”), but also the DANCE PARTY. They were so much fun, I just loved being around them and their families. A couple years later, they’re packing up and moving their lives to Texas, and called me JUST in time. We were able to snap some family photos at Wrightsville Beach with their sweet son!! Now, I know my way around Wrightsville Beach, but they took me to a bunch of little hidden spots that I had never been to before, all places that meant something to them. Places they used to watch the sunset together, their first apartment by the beach. I’m so glad we were able to make this happen before they left again. Until next time, you wonderful people!!!