I was lucky enough to meet this family even BEFORE I moved to Wilmington. Ashley and Clay were two of my very first clients in North Carolina. When I came to town to apartment shop before I moved here, I photographed their engagement and Ashley showed me some of her favorite areas downtown. And of course I loved EVERY spot she took me to, and some of the areas are still places that I go to photograph today! Then I did their wedding in 2016 after I moved to town and they got married at one of my now-favorite venues, The Atrium! I love working with my clients over and over, and of course we had to do some one-year photos after they had their son, Rex. And now he’s TWO!!!! He’s getting so big, it’s insane! Thanks for wandering the beach with me and letting me keep taking obnoxious amounts of photos of your family! Can’t wait until year three!!!