My awesome friend Jasmine has hired me previously to do some lifestyle kind of headshots for her to use for her social media accounts for her work as a hair stylist at Freedom Salon – and we had such a good time at the first one so we decided to do another updated shoot so that she can keep having fresh content for her brand! We met up at the Cargo District and drank delicious coffee from the Outpost Coffee as well as utilized the awesome beer garden of The Alcove, and all of the highly photogenic spaces. Then we hopped over to one of our favorite places, The Plant Outpost. Seriously if you’re ready to spend all your money on beautiful plant babies like Jasmine and I both do, we reallllllllly suggest checking that place out! I absolutely love working with my talented friends, I’ve gotten to photograph Jasmine working AND have my hair done by her!! She loves her job and I think that makes her even better at what she does. So here’s a few photos to show off this awesome boss lady – check her out at Freedom Salon and follow her Instagram !!!