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Oliver House Wedding Photography

Oliver House Wedding Photography | Rebecca & Zach

Rebecca and Zach got married last weekend at the Oliver House in downtown Toledo, Ohio. They had an outdoor ceremony on the lawn with the most perfect September weather that Ohio could ever hope for. The sun was out, the clouds were big and fluffy, and ...
Sunset Beach Family Portrait Photography

Sunset Beach Family Photography

What was extra special about this fun family session, wasn’t just the beautiful location with the most PERFECT sunset. It was actually that I got to work with a couple who I’ve done this with before!! Randy and Ben got married last year in ...

Travel Photography | Páros & Mykonos, Greece

People keep asking me to describe how great my trip to Greece was, and I really don’t even know how to explain it. The color of the water, the taste of the food, the amount of belly laughs with my travel friends. It’s hard to describe. We got ...
Santorini Oia Greece Travel Photography

Travel Photography | Santorini, Greece

The craziest part about my visit to Santorini is that I only stayed there for two days and I accomplished more in those two days than maybe I did during the entirety of my trip to Greece. I swam at black sand beaches, I ate my first authentic spinach pie, ...
Athens Greece Travel Photography Elopement Destination Wedding

Travel Photography | Athens, Greece

The world is a much bigger place than the city you live in. Nothing makes me happier than packing up my essentials in a carry-on sized suitcase and heading to a new and incredible destination. I want to go everywhere. I want to experience every culture. I ...