I wish I could travel to a new place every month. I think that would make me the happiest person I could be. But the problem I’m finding now is that I’m far too in love with my dog to keep leaving her. Eventually I will find the right balance… or find enough places nearby that I can bring her with me. I do live within 5 hours of multiple really amazing cities, now. Raleigh, Charleston, Charlotte, Asheville… all of which are on the bucket list. Okay, I’ve been to Charleston, but once was NOT enough.

I booked a ticket to San Diego on a whim. I knew I was heading to Las Vegas for a wedding convention and I thought to myself, hmm, a lot of places are pretty cheap to fly out of from there. So while I’m on the West Coast, I may as well take advantage of it. I considered Hawaii for a few weeks, knowing that would be one of the least expensive opportunities to get there, and I’ve been craving a trip there for awhile. But upon seeing exactly how long that flight home would be (it was like coming home from Europe), I decided on San Diego. I spent just about every one of my college years promising myself that I’d one day live in California. It wasn’t until years later that I realized my true calling was on the East Coast, with the sweet Southern charm and the humidity – I know, I’m one of those weird people who likes the humidity.

This wasn’t my first time visiting and it won’t be my last, but there’s always something weird with the weather when I get there. Granted, I have yet to visit California in the summer, but for a place that promises sunshine year round, the sun often hides from me when I’m there. I’m the kind of person that believes my vacations and adventures should always be WARM. This is why I moved to North Carolina. I. Need. Warmth. But despite the dreary weather, San Diego is always a beautiful town to visit. I stayed with my two friends and their adorable, snoring bulldog, and explored some of my favorite spots, as well as a few new ones. We shopped, they made me delicious dinner, we visited some great local breweries, and I got a pair of glow-in-the-dark unicorn socks. What more could I ask for??