The craziest part about my visit to Santorini is that I only stayed there for two days and I accomplished more in those two days than maybe I did during the entirety of my trip to Greece. I swam at black sand beaches, I ate my first authentic spinach pie, I watched the sunset on a dinner cruise underneath the gorgeous town of Oía, I pet like 10 dogs, I climbed an active volcano and then swam in hot springs. I got ready for dinner in 10 minutes after climbing the volcano and then went to a wine tasting on a cliff, overlooking the Aegean. I wandered the streets of Oía and took in the sunset from a castle above all the buildings, while drinking Rosé, and also got kissed on the cheek by two Greek men (I think that’s an important part to this story). Our amazing tour director kept asking us which town was our favorite as we went along. I couldn’t decide until writing this blog post, and I think Santorini might take the cake on that one. We did so many amazing things in Santorini and Oía, and the towns were just as picturesque as you imagine they’re going to be. It’s almost surreal to stand there and realize you’re ACTUALLY there and ACTUALLY doing this.

I still have two more towns to share images of, so check back again next week if you want to see my adventures in Páros and in Mykonos! I’m so thankful to this crazy life that lets me take these trips and change my world every time. I was so excited about travel that I actually just booked a trip to Budapest, Vienna, and Prague for next summer. :)

– Allison