It was the first day of August, and it was beautiful outside. They were getting married in a tiny garden alongside the Manor House and the sun was shining like crazy. Lauren and Jeremiah got the most picture perfect wedding day that they had been dreaming of. It was a very small gathering, only their immediate family was there, as they wanted to keep it personal and intimate. I had never been a part of a wedding that size before, and it was amazing. They spent every second with the people the loved, and then they all took off to go lay by the pool after dinner! What a beautiful spot, and what a beautiful couple. I got to spend extra time with them since we didn’t have such a time crunch like many weddings do, and now some of my favorite portraits have come out of it! Congratulations to Lauren and Jeremiah, you two deserve every minute of happiness that is coming your way.

– Allison

Lauren+Jeremiah web01 Lauren+Jeremiah web02 Lauren+Jeremiah web03 Lauren+Jeremiah web04 Lauren+Jeremiah web05 Lauren+Jeremiah web06 Lauren+Jeremiah web07 Lauren+Jeremiah web08 Lauren+Jeremiah web09 Lauren+Jeremiah web10 Lauren+Jeremiah web11 Lauren+Jeremiah web12 Lauren+Jeremiah web13 Lauren+Jeremiah web14 Lauren+Jeremiah web15 Lauren+Jeremiah web16 Lauren+Jeremiah web17 Lauren+Jeremiah web18 Lauren+Jeremiah web19 Lauren+Jeremiah web20 Lauren+Jeremiah web21 Lauren+Jeremiah web22 Lauren+Jeremiah web23 Lauren+Jeremiah web24 Lauren+Jeremiah web25 Lauren+Jeremiah web26 Lauren+Jeremiah web27 Lauren+Jeremiah web28 Lauren+Jeremiah web29 Lauren+Jeremiah web30 Lauren+Jeremiah web31 Lauren+Jeremiah web32 Lauren+Jeremiah web33 Lauren+Jeremiah web34 Lauren+Jeremiah web35 Lauren+Jeremiah web36 Lauren+Jeremiah web37 Lauren+Jeremiah web38 Lauren+Jeremiah web39 Lauren+Jeremiah web40 Lauren+Jeremiah web41 Lauren+Jeremiah web42

Photographer: Allison Eding
Venue: Wildwood Metropark, the Manor House
Flowers: Hafner Florist
Food: Michael’s Catering
Videographer: Photo Tableau