I don’t even know where to begin. A (very hot) June afternoon. In Las Vegas, Nevada. With some amazing friends of mine. Dianna & Joseph GOT MARRIED. They already knew they wouldn’t want to do anything “traditional” when it came to planning a wedding, and they quite literally agreed to elope when they were sharing a hotdog one night at Costco. This is why they are my friends. They were planning a big adventure this summer out West and they decided to throw in a wedding while they were out there, too! A super small group of their closest people hopped on planes (and battled so many cancellations) and headed to Vegas. Not only do I love elopements and non-traditional weddings, but I ALSO happen to love my friends, and when they asked me if I’d join them on the big day, I didn’t hesitate. Give this girl a plane ticket and she will go anywhere you ask. I absolutely LOVED this day. First of all, they chose Vegas Weddings Chapel which was right by our hotel in Old Vegas. It was awesome being a little farther away from the strip, unlike every other time I’ve stayed in Vegas. That didn’t mean our hotel was calm or quiet in any way, shape, or form, but it was still nice. And let’s just talk about the chapel. I was bummed that I wasn’t allowed to take any photos (aside from my phone) because that was the rule at the chapel, but I was IMMEDIATELY distracted from my sadness as soon as Elvis came into the room. THIS GUY. I honestly feel like I was at a performance instead of a wedding ceremony. He nailed it, and we all laughed out loud the entire time, and it was SO FUN. Afterwards we wandered the area, including Fremont Street, this RIDICULOUS dive bar called Hogs & Heifers (which I can only suggest you go there next time you’re in Vegas because it involves bartenders in bras screaming at you to drink more on a megaphone while also dancing on the bar), and ended with an accidental find of the CLASSIEST rooftop bar on top of the hotel Circa. I’m talking 60 floors up, insane city skyline views, and the best craft cocktails (of course I had an Aperol Spritz). If you two could just pick a new place every year and make a trip this much fun, I’ll meet ya there, EVERY TIME. Even if we have to fly back on a red eye and land back in NC at 7am and die for a couple days after. It’s worth it.