As a good friend of Kristi, I’ve gotten to watch this DIY bride slowly build this wedding with her bare hands. It’s funny when you know the difficulties they had behind the scenes, but when the day-of arrives, everything ends up going without a hitch (except for a slight air conditioning problem at the hotel – but we won’t bring that up!). Kristi and Matt are an incredibly laid back, non traditional couple, who invited me to both attend AND photograph their wedding. They had their ceremony on a small terrace at the Huntington Center downtown and their reception at the incredibly gorgeous Glass Pavilion at the Toledo Museum of Art. During cocktail hour, they had a glass blowing demonstration and all the h’dourves you could ever dream of. Everyone had a blast, ate delicious food (seriously some of the best wedding food I’ve EVER eaten) and danced the night away. I got to take pictures of their day as well as enjoy the reception as a guest. Sometimes my job is pretty cool. Congrats to Kristi and Matt!

– Allison

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