Let me just start this post by saying that I work a lot of weddings. I mean a lot of weddings. I have been to at LEAST 20 weddings every year since probably 2011, sometimes up to 90 in a year (I used to also bartend weddings). So I can be a little immune to the heavy emotions that a wedding day can have. I’ve heard a lot of wedding speeches, I’ve listened to many different officiants during a ceremony. I honestly tune them out most of the time, and I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but it’s just because it can get incredibly repetitive. But this wedding, however, did not. Hanna and Nathalie have a kind of love that you can feel from across a room. When their friend stood up with them at their ceremony to officiate the wedding, I think it’s safe to say that everyone had chills. She spoke of the court cases that had to happen in order for this marriage to be legal, she spoke of the doubts that she personally had with marriage, and she said that without a doubt, along with everyone in that room, she whole heartedly believed in THIS marriage. Their fathers both stood up and gave speeches about how all they wanted was for their daughters to be happy, and all of those dreams came true that day. Their friends stood up and spoke some of the kindest words I’ve EVER heard in a wedding speech. It spoke absolute volumes about these two as individuals, and together. I’m always grateful for my job and the connections it brings me with my clients, but I really mean it when I say that couples like this give me hope. Not just for myself, but for marriage as a whole. Yes, I work in the wedding industry, I fully believe in marriage, but not every couple is like this. They give me hope that love like this really exists and it’s out there and even after a year of isolation, human connection is not dead. It’s thriving and it’s beautiful and I’m so glad that I could be there to witness this day! Thank you so much Hanna and Nathalie for being your true authentic selves and for including me in your wedding day, I will literally never forget it. And CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I can’t wait until the next time you two are in Wilmington because you’re officially stuck with me!


Photographer: Allison Eding, Lightbloom Photography
Venue: Ironclad Brewery
Planner/Coordinator: Elise Does Events
Florist: Fiore Design House
Videographer: VSync Films
Hair Stylist: Harbour Salon and Spa
Makeup Artist: Habour Salon and Spa
DJ/Band: Active DJ, Martin
Catering: A Thyme Savor 
Cake: One Belle Bakery
Rentals: L&L Tent & Party Rentals
Lighting: Event Excellence Light & Sound