This story is so sweet, so I’m just warning you now, get ready for some cuteness. Cody reached out to me through a mutual friend of ours, telling me that he planned to propose to his girlfriend soon and he wanted me to be there to catch it all on camera. First of all, SO EXCITING. Second of all, SO HARD to coordinate everything!!! We had a couple dates picked out that ended up not working out based on one of our work schedules, but Cody kept trying and made sure to get all the details right. The proposal date kept getting pushed back slightly and I ended up randomly meeting Alex, already knowing that I was going to be taking photos of her getting proposed to, and our friend introduced us and said, “Oh this is my friend Allison, she’s a wedding photographer!” And she laughed and said she hoped to be needing my services soon, because she was hoping to get engaged soon. Little did she know, Cody already had me signed on! He thought of everything, he had Alex go get her nails done, he got all of their closest friends together at a restaurant after the proposal was to take place so they could go to dinner and be surprised by everyone, he went early to Greenfield Lake and wrote sweet love notes in sidewalk chalk all along the path that he planned to take her. He said he even had to go back twice to make sure everything was perfect. He walked her along the tree-lined paths, stopping to slow dance with her, and eventually finding the right spot where he had written “Will you marry me? Check YES or NO” which I thought was adorable on it’s own, but it turns out that when he asked her out in the first place, that’s how he did it, so he continued the tradition in the proposal, too. OF COURSE SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!

Apologies to all the random people who walked by and saw me hiding behind a tree with my camera. I swear I wasn’t being weird.

– Allison