I met Kinsey & Nate out at beautiful Fort Fisher to capture their engagement photos. They described themselves as nature people… and what better location than the stunning Kure Beach with the wind swept trees and giant rocks and really just every inch of Fort Fisher! I love when I meet my clients for the first time and just absolutely hit it off, our senses of humor went SO well together and they had me laughing the entire time. One of my favorite moments was when they asked me the most important question to see if we were compatible: “Pineapple on pizza… yes or no?” OBVIOUSLY IT’S A YES! Literally the best pizza topping and if you believe otherwise you’re wrong. LOL. Their wedding will be later this year at one of my very favorite places, The Atrium, in downtown Wilmington. You can catch me counting down the days until then! And for now, check out their engagement session!