Genna and Gareth flew to the United States to elope in our beautiful beach town of Wilmington, North Carolina. They live in Canada and had to postpone their wedding day because of travel restrictions, but as soon as they opened up the boarders, they hopped on a plane and couldn’t wait to tie the knot officially. We had crazy monsooning type of rainfall that day, and Genna decided to not let that (quite literally) rain on her parade. We risked it anyway, drove out to Fort Fisher in the pouring rain, and as soon as we pulled up, the rain stopped, and let us do our thing! We called it “Gareth luck” – and it absolutely was! I’m so happy to work with couples like these two. Their smiles were so big as they said their vows and put rings on each others fingers. They were practically skipping around Fort Fisher as we did photos after the ceremony. I even got to sign the marriage license as a witness! LOVE their love!