Alison and Matt are what I’d like to call my “regulars” in front of my camera. LOL. I met these two way back in….. what… 2015? 2016? They found me online in the middle of my move from Ohio to North Carolina. They were living in Pennsylvania at the time, and wanted to do their engagement photos in the town that meant so much to them!! It was seriously one of the most unique sessions I’ve ever had. We started the day by meeting up for the first time to have bottomless mimosas in downtown Pittsburg. Seriously. And then we adventured ALL OVER TOWN together. I usually spend an hour with my couples for engagement photos… if I remember correctly, I want to say that I was with them for closer to FIVE hours hahaha. I just LOVED them! The vibes were so good, their personalities fit with mine so well, and they had all these places that they loved that they wanted to show me! All the while telling me about their adorable love story. Fast forward to their wedding day in 2016… these two are BIG fans of the beach and knew they wanted to get married there. It just so happened to be in the town that I was moving to – so they were one of my very first weddings in North Carolina! I remember they invited me to come to their rehearsal the day before the wedding in Ocean Isle Beach, and Alison specifically said “leave your camera at home.” Never in the history of my entire life has anyone said that to me. I knew I was more than just their hired help at that point. They made me feel so welcome and like I was part of the family. I hadn’t gotten to see them since their wedding day, but they moved a few times to other states, they had a BABY, and they finally planned a return trip to North Carolina and I FINALLY GOT TO SEE THEM AGAIN! This time it was my turn to show them a place that I loved from my childhood – Figure 8 Island! This is the spot I grew up vacationing when I was a kid, and still get to visit usually once a year with my family. It’s the reason I moved to North Carolina – and we got to wander the island (thanks to the help of my awesome Aunt for getting us on the island! Shout out Aunt Terrie!!!!) and I showed them some of my favorite spots. I got to meet the sweet little Brooklyn for the first time, and I think you can tell from the pictures juuuuust how adorable she is and how great Alison and Matt are at being new parents!! It’s so fun to get to see your friends turn into parents and I love that I was able to get to see them again. Until next time, you two! And I know there will be a next time :)