I met Anita and Adam in downtown Wilmington on a very rainy morning to get some photos of the two of them while they were visiting town on a weekend getaway. I have nothing but admiration for the two of them while they walked around with me in a pretty consistent drizzle (and by the end, a very near downpour) and they trusted me to get great photos even in spite of the ever-changing Wilmington tropical storms. It’s been quite a challenge to get photos done lately, especially when I so commonly work with couples and families who are visiting town and only have a short number of days to get photos done. So THANK YOU both for being so positive and for working with me in non-ideal situations. But I’d like to believe we got some AMAZING photos and I had so much fun walking around in the mist with Adam and Anita! I hope to get to see you both again next time you’re in town!