I met Megan & Brok over 3 years ago now, they were my clients back in Ohio before I moved. I photographed their wedding in 2016 and I haven’t seen them since – UNTIL LAST WEEK! They came to South Carolina for a family vacation with their sweet little girl, and surprise – a baby on the way, too! While they were nearby, they decided to make the trip up to Wilmington for some family photos. It’s always so amazing to get to see my old clients and where they are now, and to meet their little ones! As soon as we started, Megan warned me that Quinn probably wouldn’t spend much time smiling for the camera, and boyyyyyy did she do exactly the opposite! She was so happy to give me her biggest smiles in the sunshine and walk along the river and the palm trees (and stare at all the dogs and all the birds and all the horses). So grateful for the chance to see this awesome couple again! I can’t wait to see your family grow even more!

– Allison