I think the best part about doing an engagement session with a couple is the actual chance to get to know them before their wedding day. With Wilmington being a destination wedding location for so many couples, a LOT of my clients opt out of the engagement photos. But I will reiterate over and over again why it’s such a good thing! First of all, it gives us a chance to actually hang out, gets you more comfortable with me as well as more comfortable with being photographed professionally! Most people aren’t used to a huge camera following them around all day, so this puts my clients a little more at ease and more excited for their wedding day. Meeting Jessica and Chris was NO EXCEPTION! We initially did a FaceTime meeting back during the lovely Covid days, and I already knew after that that we’d get along great. In person, it was even better! I had so much fun walking around downtown with them, chatting, snapping photos, and chasing those sunsets. We of course stopped by Ironclad Brewery for a few photos since that’s where they’ll be getting married next year! I can’t wait until 2022!!!!