This was hands down the craziest weather I have ever experienced for a wedding day! Living in Ohio, we definitely struggle with achieving the perfect weather, but this was one day that absolutely no one can forget! Before the big day, I read up on a lot of wedding photo blogs, because the forecast wasn’t seeming like it would improve. So I was prepared with some rainy day photo ideas. We had an absolute all day downpour, and we didn’t even care! There were still plenty of spots we could use at Wildwood for outdoor (but covered!) photos, and I’m so happy with how they came out. Brandon and Ainsley, you guys are troopers, and I’m not sure anyone could’ve had as much fun as you guys did. Thank you for having me, and thank you to the weather for creating some pretty cool photo opportunities for us, it definitely kept me on my toes! :)

– Allison

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Ainsley+Brandon web28 Ainsley+Brandon web29 Ainsley+Brandon web30


Photographer: Allison Eding